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987-2 Carnewal GT Exhaust

for 987 in Exhaust

The GT exhaust is a reworked original exhaust, modified in our workshop. It looks just like stock on the outside but the internals are changed to a better breathing, less restrictive exhaust.
The result is a louder and deeper sound with no reasonance.
On the cars with Tip gearbox, there is no droning nor resonance between 2200 and 3000rpm.
This exhaust does not trigger check engine lights and is not giving problems with emission checks during the yearly technical inspections like MOT, APK.

The GT exhaust is sold on a core exchange base :

Option 1 : We ship you a "new" GT exhaust, that matches the age and mileage of your original exhaust and within 2 weeks, you return your original exhaust. In that case we add a core charge that is refunded when you ship back your exhaust.
Option 2 : You come to our workshop and we exchange your exhaust with a GT exhaust. It takes 1 hour and it no problem to wait here .
Option 3 : Send us your exhaust and we modify it in 24hrs.

In case your original exhaust is no longer usable for exchange or you want to get rid of that droning Chinese exhaust, we always have GT exhausts for sale as outright purchase.

Price: 545 Euro (shipping and VAT included).

The newest version of the GT Exhaust for the 987 gen2 is louder than the version sold before 2020.

The original tail pipe needs to be used again.
Will fit any 987-2.

987-2 Carnewal GT Exhaust

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Carnewal Part Number: p87016