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987-2 CaymanR PSE Retrofit Kit with Remote Controller

for 987 in Exhaust

This package includes the CaymanR sport exhausts and the necessary vacuum and electric parts to retrofit the PSE/XLF option.
To control this exhaust between loud and silent , we include our PSE remote controller. This way you don't have to run wires and add switches what makes the electrical side super easy making the whole installation a rather easy DIY.

What's so special about CaymanR standard and CaymanR PSE exhausts ?
For the C.R, the tube between the manifold and the actual exhaust housing is enlarged from 48mm (like any other 987-2, incl Spyder) to 55mm.
This results in a better performance and more sound.
The PSE Factory Sport Exhaust retrofit kit has the 48mm tubes.

Price: 6295 Euro/set (shipping included).

Fits the 987-2 2,9 and 3,4L models.

Does not include the tail pipe.
Original tail pipe needs to be used.
By using the remote controller, the electric installation becomes plug and play, no need to run wires or go to an official dealer for programming.
Just insert the two connectors and you can switch the exhaust between loud or silent by using the remote.
The exhaust kit is assembled from factory parts.
The remote contoller is made in-house using high quality aftermarket parts.

987-2 CaymanR PSE Retrofit Kit with Remote Controller
987-2 CaymanR PSE Retrofit Kit with Remote Controller
Carnewal Part Number: p87025