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987-2 CaymanR Carnewal GT Exhaust

for 987 in Exhaust

This is an exchange system only for the CaymanR with standard exhaust, no PSE.

The Carnewal GT exhaust/CaymanR version is an internally modified original exhaust.
Everything looks 100% orginal on the outside but the internals are changed to a better flowing, less restrictive exhaust.
The result is a louder and sportier sound with no reasonance.
There is a power increase of +7HP

The GT exhaust/CaymanR version is sold on a core exchange base :

Option 1 : We ship you a "new" GT exhaust, that matches the mileage of your original exhaust and within 2 weeks, you return your original exhaust. In that case we add a core charge that is refunded after you have shipped back your exhaust. Note that we are sending you a CaymanR exhaust (the ones with the 55mm pipes) and we need to get back your CaymanR exhaust.

Option 2 : You come to our workshop and we exchange your exhaust with a GT exhaust/CaymanR version. It takes 1 hr to swap an exhaust.

We can also modify your exhaust. Ship it to our shop and it will be modified and shipped back out in 48hrs.

Price: 495 Euro (shipping and VAT included).

The original tail pipe needs to be used again.

987-2 CaymanR Carnewal GT Exhaust 987-2 CaymanR Carnewal GT Exhaust
Carnewal Part Number: p87031