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991-1 Turbo 200 cell Sport cat upgrade

for 991Turbo in Exhaust

This is a modification of the original catalytic converters.

The 600 cell ceramic elements inside the original cats are removed and replaced by 200 cell high flow , HD sport cat elements which are especially designed for the high performance engines.

On the outside, the cats look like orginal.
This modification is done in our shop.
The result is a 20HP and 25Nm torque increase and a louder and deeper sound.
The car will still pass EU emissions tests and there are no Check Engine Lights.

The turn around time to modify your cats is 1-2 days.

Price: 1895 Euro/set.

The cat elements are made by HJS.

991-1 Turbo 200 cell Sport cat upgrade
Carnewal Part Number: p91013