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Front Protection Bar

for 993 & 993Turbo in Suspension & Upgrades

Many people lower their 993, some prefer the RoW M030 suspension that drops the car 25 mm all around, others like the 993 Rennsport set up that lowers the car by 50mm. The only disadvantage is that sometimes the car is literally coming closer to the ground with a damaged bumper or chin spoiler as a result. Steep driveways and speed bumps can cause a lot of damage.
On the market you'll find bars and boomerangs that protect the bumpers from scrapes, but they all require extra holes in the bottom of the trunk to install them. The holes you have to drill can cause the metal to rust.

Because I didn't want to damage my car by drilling 3 or more big holes in the sheetmetal , I designed my own "Front Protection Bar" .

ON SALE: 110 Euro (shipping included).

The "FPB" attaches to 3 points that are already available on the car, so you don't need to drill extra holes that can cause rust.

The "FPB" comes with all the necessary hardware and can be installed without a hoist in less then 15min.
There is no need for special tools to install the "FPB".

The "FPB" is made out of stainless steel and will not rust.
The side parts are laser-cut and guarantee a perfect fit.
All bolts and screws needed to install the bar are in stainless steel.
The stainless steel welding was done by a specialized company.
The weight of the bar is 0.7 Kg

The "FPB" comes with all the hardware and detailed installation instructions.

Just like any other successful product, the FPB is getting copied.
Nothing however, beats the quality of the real deal.

Front Protection Bar Front Protection Bar

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Carnewal Part Number: p93070
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