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Car Cover Indoor

for All in General & Carcovers

The car covers that we sell are made in Italy by the manufacturer of the OEM covers of Porsche, Ferrari, BMW and so on.
It is without any doubt the best you can find on the market.
These car covers are tailor made, have a logo in the front, mirror pockets and comes in a handy storage bag.

We can supply these covers for other cars.

Anti static, dust repellent, breathable, internally teaseled, protects the paint from scratches, run-proof, rip-proof, washable, color fast.
Can be used even if the engine is still warm.

- White
- Silver grey
- Ferrari red
- Bordeaux
- Ferrari yellow
- Emerald green
- Navy blue
- Black
- Royal turquoise
- English green
- Dark grey<- new for 2020
- Orange <- new for 2020

Check our Facebook page for pictures :

Price: 265 Euro (shipping included).

We have a large quantity of indoor covers for Porsche in stock and can always supply a tailor made cover in the same color and fabric for your Audi, BMW, Ford, Mercedes, Jag, Ferrari, VW, Alfa, ... ...

Car Cover Indoor
Carnewal Part Number: p011